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This film contains offensive language. This DOES NOT reflect the views and opinions of anyone involved in the film, cast or crew and we apologise for any offence this may cause.

Woman’s War is a compelling drama that explores the mind of its lead character Daisy, whose fiancé Aaron is a British soldier fighting in Afghanistan. It highlights the daily struggles their relationship combats whilst he’s away fighting, and during his short visits back home. Its non-linear narrative keeps the audience unsure of what’s past, present, future or a vivid fragment of her imagination. This reflects Daisy’s constant damaged and anxious mindset, unsure of what the future holds grasping onto every moment they share, re-living memories, creating hopeful fantasies of their future, and scrutinising over her worst nightmare.

The team behind ‘Woman’s War’ is a small and close group of creative and very hard-working individuals whom work across a number of successful production companies including ‘Halo Films’ and ‘Icon Films’. The cast is made up of a handful of extremely talented actors from across London and Bristol.

Pre-production started in September 2012 when the films writer Jess Espin-Thurgur began her detailed research into the films concept. After numerous re-drafts of the script, Tess and Jess went onto find locations, costumes, planning and most importantly – cast. Filming took place in March over three long and intense days beginning at 5am and ending at 10pm. Post-production began soon after and due to varying reasons, both technical and legal, took much longer than we had hoped. Now, Christmas 2014, two years after filming finished, we can proudly present it to you.

'Womans War' has been made on a completely no budget basis up until this point and has been solely self-funded. Cast and crew put in their time, hard work, expertise and passion with no pay what’s so ever. All expenses came out of the pockets of Jess & Tess who produced the film, they put in all they could to ensure we could achieve the best possible results.

The journey so far has been incredible and we are all excited for you to see what we have so passionately been working hard on for the so long now. We have all grew massively since the making of this film; this was our first film and therefore does not reflect our abilities today but merely a taste of what we were able to do on our own, with little experience or funds. We have learnt so much from this process, both the successes and mistakes in all stages.

Twitter: @WomansWar

Facebook: Womans War Film

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