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Confusion is my Killer of Creativity - Spoken Word Add Video

Confusion is my killer of creativity, Its roots derived from the feeling of negativity, A lost cause in a grand scheme of life, its slowly killing me, Ripping my visions, churning them up right where I can see, Now its a burning pot of all my dreams my younger self had for me, The next movie director, an upcoming Hollywood actor, now pieces in a useless puzzle and these pieces don’t even fit, Here’s me left confused with which shape connects with which, Jigsaws where never my forte anyway… Wait…what am I talking about, Is this even me that’s letting these words spout? No - I was pretty good at puzzles when I was younger, you just have to be thoughtful and visualise the bigger picture, Start from the outside edge first, if I remember correctly, Then work your way in slowly but surely, You may not be that good right now, But with each piece placed, the flow will pick up the pace, And soon the whole puzzle will be staring at you in the face, Look, sometimes it can be difficult and it’s easy to lose hope, But remember that every person you look up to, Once was confused too, and thought they had nowhere else left to go, But look at them now. Music: Age of Men - Jo Wandrini

Posted by Poetical Tv on February 23, 2019 at 1:03 PM 76 Views

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