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Our Connection with the Universe, Synchronicity, Divine Guidance Add Video

How does the Universe guide us? What about Synchronicity? How does the Universe speak to us?


Divine guidance is speaking to us constantly, every moment of our lives. The Universe speaks to us in gentle whispers, never wishing to infringe on our sacred free will. When we surrender to each moment and see each as perfect, we let go of our mind's control of our reality -- in other words the constant revision of past events and future ones. Instead we become truly focused on what is happening in our space right now. We see each event as highly purposeful and meaningful, we direct our energies here and now. We listen, we feel, we acknowledge our current emotions and give them validation. We release and express. Divine wisdom flows from our hearts. It flows through our being. Our hearts are continually singing our unique notes into the Universe, merging with other notes to become the chorus of Creation. This Creation is what we are experiencing. This note exists in the eternal present moment. The more we are here, in this moment, the more we can recognise, feel and resonate with the sound of our note -- and follow its divine guidance.


And as we flow we begin to tap into the magic of the Universe, where by living in a state of surrender and humility, we allow for synchronicity to become a true force in our lives.


Synchronicity is testament to our surrendering. Here we see each moment of existence as immeasurably purposeful. Each moment signposting us to our next stage of excitement. How do we look for the signs? It is when we acknowledge the small signs that the big signs emerge -- because in truth, every single aspect of our reality is a sign! For all is a reflection of the Universe within. As we live and experience and meet others, our heart will pick up and resonate an emotion. Our heart speaks in a simple gentle voice -- so gentle, never pushing, just asking yourself "Are we living in love?"


Each moment our heart is speaking about something that it resonates with - "this would interest us", "I feel connected to this person", "I like what that person said", "writing this makes me feel connected". When we listen to our heart and follow it, incredible miracles occur -- for that is what they are -- miracles. Profound sacred moments that we honour for the whole of creation has been involved in bringing it to us! Following these signs, lead us to greater opportunities that serve us.


To follow our heart, we surrender to the magnificence of creation, we surrender to each moment -- understanding that we create our own reality and we have created all of this. We do not need to intentionally control our creations, we are here to live in the mystery of life, we are here to enjoy. If we have trouble with what to do or where to go, we only need to look at the majestic teachers entering our plane on a daily level. Children are our teachers for living in flow. They bring that knowledge, wisdom and ultimately -- being.

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