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Alfonso Manalastas - "Heritage" [Stages Sessions Spoken Word Series Ep. 3] Add Video

Have you ever felt the pressure of trying to live up to your family's expectations?


Alfonso Manalastas explores that question in his Spoken Word piece "Heritage," which he performs for the third episode of our Spoken Word Series.



Alfonso Manalastas

Thania Alcantara

William Alcantara

Janelle Marquez

Cee Lambot



Producers: Miguel Jimenez, Kevin Lumanglas, Achim Mendoza

Director: Achim Mendoza

AD: Janelle Marquez

DOP: Blue Mejia

PD: Cee Lambot

PM: Claudia Escaler, Lucky Ramis

Online Editor: Achim Mendoza

Colorist: Achim Mendoza

Sound Editor: Kevin Lumanglas

PAs: Maika Alvarez, Arvy Angeles, Mce Esporlas, Jared Poniente


Score: "November" by Bensound


Links to the other episodes in the "Spoken Word Series":

EP1 (Serge Gabriel - "Something, Nothing, Everything"):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMSku...

EP2 (Sofia Paredes - "Hands"): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF18c...


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