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Social Media Addict (Spoken Word Poem) Add Video

Social Media Addict


What will it take to show you

That it's not the life it seems?

The likes, the views, filters, FaceTune

You follow but you don’t know what it means

To cultivate a look

To show you trends and things I took

You call me new when I’m a crook

For the last time, take a good hard look


I’m not a person

I’m an aesthetic made for your consumption

You pay my bills

And I pay for your depression

And wishing you had my waist

Please, even I don’t have my waist


Some people live paycheck to paycheck

I live post to post

Getting high off of hearts and likes

Who needs friends when you have a following, right?


Follow unfollow

Follow unfollow

Follow unfollow

Follow unfollow



worn out


My analytics are a graph

Of exactly how I feel

My addiction isn’t diagnosed

So you can’t prove it’s real


This algorithm

is my religion

Why’d you unfollow

Without asking permission


Here’s a filter I put on a bad day

Doesn’t it look good now?

Come back, please stay.

I need someone to lie with

Or someone to lie to

My life to has to be

One that people subscribe to

And I’ll sacrifice what matters

To get maximum hits

My ice cream melted

While I posted pictures of it

And despite those couples goals pics

Me and my partner split


But no amount of fame

Will make me feel okay

I’ll keep hitting all my targets

Just to place them further away

Just to struggle on an empty field

Amongst sharp arrows every day.


I want happy

And I’m looking for it in a screen.

I want calm

And upward trends quiet my anxiety.

I want success

And I the truth is, I need numbers just to be seen.


I’m in a broken machine

where talent doesn’t talk

but viral videos and follower counts scream

I came here to make art.

and now, I’m about to leave


I didn’t want to be an addict

But Instagram sold me the drugs for free

I didn’t want to be a robot

But YouTube put in my batteries

I didn’t want to be lonely

But my iPhone disconnected me

I don’t want to be like this

But I want you to like this






Instagram: ErinAnastasiaPoet


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Erin-Anastas...


Website: https://www.erinanastasiapoet.com


Twitter: @ErinAnaPoet


Tumblr: http://erinanastasiapoet.tumblr.com


Video by: Steven Mathis Instagram: @stevevisual


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