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#WDYM by Emmanuel Speaks Add Video

WDYM - Available on all digital streaming platforms http://hyperurl.co/ESWDYM, serving as one of the lead singles from my forthcoming album ‘The Composer’ - set for an Autumn release.


WDYM was inspired by a song by Jay Z, titled Girls, Girls, Girls. I asked myself what a modern day version of this might sound like. Whilst I speak very tongue-n-cheek on relations with various women from various backgrounds, with lyrics mostly focusing on wordplay, irony and stereotype.


‘WDYM’ which has been abbreviated from the words “what do you mean”, in context of the overall narrative of the album, comes at a point in my where I begin to discover and transition. This is probably the first time you’ve ever heard me rap. One of the biggest things I’ve learned as an artist is being able to find the right way to deliver whatever it is I want to express. This means I NEED to be multi-layered; NEED to try new things.


Many of us have seen and heard the long-standing joke on social media, regarding young men using this exact phrase to wriggle out of remaining accountable to their partners when questioned. I’ll be the first to admit that the only reason I found the joke funny was because I could relate. I spent the latter part of my teenage years, running from accountability and commitment with women, and I’m still trying to work out why.


I think it’s something to do with the way we’ve been conditioned, growing up. The environment we’ve been raised in doesn’t accommodate for expression or feelings. We’ve perpetuated this within our friendship groups, and have become young men who fail to recognise the value of women, or the consequences of our words and actions. There's no malice in it - I just don't think our eyes are open enough. Maybe we don’t value ourselves. Maybe that’s why our rap lyrics are full of misogyny and arrogance. Maybe we don’t understand the real concept of value, so seek it in the wrong places.


WDYM is the vocalised conflict of a young casanova, growing into a man who is learning to be better; more honest and accountable. Hence, the track’s soft underbelly - leading into the next song on the project ‘Songs 4 U’.


It shouldn’t have to take nearly losing a woman, you didn’t know you valued as much as you did, for a man to act right - but that’s the recurring story. It’s not until something you took for granted slowly starts to fade away that you wake up!


She said… "Loving you is a luxury.

A golden soul makes for good company

but it comes and goes

Like a lit up shadow


When can I know it'll be for good?

My skin is wearing thin

‘cause my heart is in your hands


but you're my man.

So I'll understand

if you turn your words to songs

I'll fall in love again" - Mara Daniele


As somebody that creates music, you have an untold power. You can bring joy, evoke emotion and take people to places they may or may not have ever been before.


As you listen to these songs, I hope you sing; I hope you dance and the vibrations either take you to a point in your life when you didn’t have to worry about any bullshit, or help you to create fresh memories - happy ones.


Old school vibes? Absolutely! Thanks to co-producers Shemzy and RBKeyz and video director Russell Owen

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