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People always ask “What happens if your plan doesn’t work out?”. I give them some generic re-assurance, but I know what my real mindset is Failure it not an option. That’s how I see my journey into anything. It doesn’t matter what road I choose or what I do to get there. I’m not going to accept failure. I’m going to push as harder as I can every day after day. And if that doesn’t work, I’m going to find a different way. Or I’m going to find someone who knows the way that can show me.





You see my mindset is different than the average person. That’s why I won’t give a straight answer to the question “What happens if your plan doesn’t work out?”. Because I don’t even think that way. I just think of progress as peaks and valleys. There will be times when I’m highly successful, but there will also be times when I’m down in the dumps. It’s natural. No one is successful 100% of the time. You know why? Because that’s impossible. I’d be afraid to meet someone who hit a homerun every time they were at bat.





Most people are too afraid of those low points. They’re too afraid to strike out occassionally. So they won’t even try. So when they see you banging it out day in and day out they’re in disbelief. Because they can’t fathom someone trying that hard. If you are listening to this motivational video, then you are the exception. You are motivated or at least working your way towards endless motivation. You’re a willing to accept a few short term sacrifices in the long term pursuit of success. Sometimes you have to lose a few extra hours of sleep, or you have to skip a social occassion, you skip an expensive meal to save a few bucks.





I’ve made many personal sacrifices to make my dreams come true. I’ve lost hours of sleep. I’ve tightened my wallet to save a few extra bucks so that I could reinvest my money. I quit my job, to start a business without already having enough income to live off of while living in the most expensive city in the country. I’m not saying you need to do these specific things. Your sacrifice will be different.



If you truly have motivation, it’s in your soul. You wake up everyday on fire. Ready to start working. Ready to contribute towards your goals. Even if your hopes and dreams are far away, you make that little concentrated effort every single day that will lead to success down the line. If you want something bad enough, you can’t get it off your mind. You think about it every day. How could consider failure if your goal is on your mind 24/7.


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